The Backstory & Preggo Entry #1

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The Backstory & Preggo Entry #1:
Now let’s backtrack a bit, as I realize that my first post wasn’t quite the introductory post it should have been…
As I previously stated, I was never much of a girly girl. I never had white-picket-fence dreams and housewife ambitions. Nevertheless, when I met “that guy” I found myself joyfully contemplating such a life. Just over a year into our marriage, after a night of drunken Thanksgiving festivities I found myself peeing on a stick while my hubby puked the contents of his intestines in the other bathroom. Not a minute had passed when I yelled “OMG” or “Holy Sh*t” or something along those lines…by the way, can one curse on a bTlog? Anyways, the pee stick had declared it’s verdict without hesitation. A bold “YES” stared back at me while I, in a groggy hungover haze, glared blankly back at it. Honestly, all I could think of was that my drinking days were over, sucks for me. Once that thought registered, I started digesting the reality of the situation…We were going to be parents. Granted, I knew very little on the matter. We had discussed it, and had decided we were ready for it, but let’s face it, you’re never quite ready. All I knew about pregnancy was the stuff they show you on TV or the movies…along with the occasional episode of TLC’s “A Baby Story”. Other than that, I was oblivious…thinking back on it now, I thank The Powers That Be that I was…’cause let me tell you, pregnancy is not just about cravings and a growing belly…



The hubs and I doing pre-baby grown-up things, like Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Which leads me to my point: The next three posts will give you a glimpse into my life as pregnant skeptic. They are what I like to call “Observations of a Stubborn Preggo”…

The moment of truth…My first “belly pic.” 14 weeks pregnant with Matilda Sofia!

Observations of a Stubborn Preggo: Part 1

Originally written on April 27, 2012.

  • Morning sickness is unlike any other sickness on the face of the earth…no matter what your husband says, the world’s worst hangover IS NOT an acceptable comparison…so he can stick it.
  • When hunger strikes…you’ve never been as hungry…therefore, it is completely acceptable to cry, tremble, or pretend like you’re about to faint until food is brought to you.
  • Just because this is your first baby doesn’t mean that other mothers have the right to tell you how to raise your unborn child or that you don’t know anything about being a mother…you are after all carrying a baby inside of you…that’s merit enough!
  • Your mom is your hero, and you will drop kick anyone who argues with that, period.
  • If a pregnant woman says, “I want my mommy.” Take the woman to her mother…
  • It is 100% UNACCEPTABLE to tell a pregnant woman how large she is…If one chooses to do so, one should specify that the BELLY is large…otherwise, prepare for the verbal wrath that will ensue from said pregnant woman…such revenge IS and ALWAYS WILL BE acceptable.
  • Pregnancy is a free ticket to say whatever the hell you want to others…
  • If you thought you gained weight easily prior to being pregnant, wait ‘til you are pregnant.
  • With that said, prepare yourself to cling onto your doctor or nurse in a crying fit every time you are weighed. There are tissues waiting for me by the examination bed at every check-up appointment I go to…tengo fama de Magdalena.
  • Most people will treat you like a cripple. I have beef with several of the baggers at Publix who insist on carrying a single bag of celery to the car for me. I know they are being courteous…but we’re in Miami, courtesy went out the window ages ago…at first, I was certain everyone was out to mug me!
  • When you actually do need to sit down ‘cause your feet look like Barney’s…just place one hand on your lower back and rub your belly like a genie lamp with the other…Magically, people will offer up their seats, stools, and/or knees for you to sit on…a thing of beauty!
  • You will never love your husband more than you do now…on the other hand, you will never hate him more either.
  • You and your husband are the only ones that can distinguish the blurry blurb of a baby that is your first sonogram pic…everyone else will think it looks like a deformed kidney bean. But to you, it is the cutest kidney bean on the face of the earth.
  • Weekly belly pics are probably boring for your friends and family…but they are a momentous occasion for you and your husband…
  • There is NOTHING that compares to feeling your baby move. The term “Tears of Joy” takes on a whole new meaning while pregnant…*cue sappy music*
  • Lastly, just when you thought you were coming into your own in this world…this little being inside of you changes EVERYTHING. Life takes a complete 180 and all of sudden, everything you once thought precious and valuable is put into question…At the end of the day, all that matters is you, your hubby and the lil’ one on the way! And in my case, I have to throw my furry sidekick in the mix too…

Big Mama G


The bean that changed it all…Tilly at 11 weeks…Yes, we thought she already looked like a baby.

StubbornTalesThe Backstory & Preggo Entry #1

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