The Backstory & Preggo Entry #1

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The Backstory & Preggo Entry #1:   Now let’s backtrack a bit, as I realize that my first post wasn’t quite the introductory post it should have been…   As I previously stated, I was never much of a girly girl. I never had white-picket-fence dreams and housewife ambitions. Nevertheless, … Read More

StubbornTalesThe Backstory & Preggo Entry #1

Observations of a Sleepless Mommy

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Avoiding creating bad sleeping habits for a baby is like trying to avoid weight gain while going to a bakery everyday…Let’s face it, as a first time mommy you will think that every whine, wimper and odd noise your child makes is a sure sign of death…Therefore, you will rush … Read More

StubbornTalesObservations of a Sleepless Mommy