Observations of a Sleepless Mommy

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Avoiding creating bad sleeping habits for a baby is like trying to avoid weight gain while going to a bakery everyday…Let’s face it, as a first time mommy you will think that every whine, wimper and odd noise your child makes is a sure sign of death…Therefore, you will rush to your baby’s side to sway, rock and sooth him/her back into what you believe to be a “blissful sleep”…
I write this as I sit in my baby’s nursery rocking away in her bright purple glider, completely aware of the wrongdoing that I’m committing; so much so that, on the recommendation of a friend, I actually purchased The Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies & Toddlers by Gina Ford and infact took a break from my reading it to go pick up my screaming 6 wk old from her crib and proceed to the rocker…

It was at this very moment that I decided to write this and follow it up by starting a blog…because there are bound to be other helpless and clueless mommies out there that, despite all the info and advice readily available to us, just don’t have the heart to sit thru a concerto in B Minor courtesy of your baby’s cries.

With that said, here goes nothing…

Let’s start at the beginning…I met my husband when I was 20 years old…fresh out of college and ready to conquer the world. I was uninterested in a relationship, having just broken up with a psycho stalker boyfriend and convinced that within a year I’d be roaming the streets of NYC with hopes of making it in the Contemporary art world…He, my husband, was a 34 year old Jack-of-all-trades. Engineer, real estate investor, and night club owner amongst other things. If you are wondering, the latter of his professions brought us together…But enough of that, the point of this is to stress the fact that when we met we were both equally aware of the fact that we were neither interested in a serious relationship, much less children. I have never been one to gawk over little humans. On the contrary, most made me severely uncomfortable and socially awkward to be around…Fast forward five years and I find myself sitting in a fluffy purple chair with my baby fast asleep on my chest. Meanwhile, my husband is passed out in our bed trying to make up for last night’s all-nighter…and no, tequila was not involved, unfortunately…

Needless to say…we were wrong about what we wanted. Now we, thankfully, find ourselves learning how to become parents and we wouldn’t trade this for the world…

Meet Matilda Sofia, born on July 23, 2012 at 12:44pm

StubbornTalesObservations of a Sleepless Mommy

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  1. MJ

    This blog was long overdue! you are a very talented a hilarious writer!! LOVING THIS….despite the fact that I am not a mommy and these stories are scaring the crap out of me and are making me want to go have a shot of tequila!

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