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Erika Boom is a personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur, women’s advocate and mom to 3 yr old Olivier. Her fitness journey began more than 25 years ago. Being a very active person, she wanted to learn what she could do to stay in shape during her pregnancy. Her quest led her to create a personalized prenatal/postnatal methodology and in 2006 she opened a private studio in Miami, Belly-n-Kicks.  Erika and her group of trained professionals help moms stay in shape during pregnancy and recover faster after giving birth.

A lil’ note from the expert herself, Erika Boom:
“My pregnancy was very healthy, I gained 27 lbs and bounced back right away after delivery. I followed a strength training regimen until the day I gave birth. My core is stronger now than it was pre-pregnancy, even with a c-section. After the birth of my son, I launched my fitness clothing line called FIT MAMA. We offer tops and pants that are designed for the busy mom that wants to stay fit while being a mom. Yes you can be a MOM and be FIT at the same time!”

LIKE & SHARE for a chance to win  a FIT MAMA tank!

LIKE & SHARE for a chance to win a FIT MAMA tank!

LIKE & SHARE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FIT MAMA TANK! Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Friday July 18th, 2014!


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