Double Duty Brew: Coffee Remedy for Under Bags

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Moms. By definition we are beings running on little to no sleep. In fact, as I sit here typing up this post I am baking cupcakes for my daughter’s 2nd birthday tomorrow. It is 10:30 pm, I still have 3 batches to go and I have to be up at 5am. I need sleep. But let’s face it, slumber is an all too fleeting concept to even ponder. At this rate, I figure I’ll get some sleep in when I’m 50…or 60…or never.

I consider myself a practical woman, so in order to make up for my eternal lack of rest, I consulted with my beauty expert to see what I can do to look like I’ve had a full night’s sleep, when in actuality we all know that’s NOT the case. Turns out the answer lays in our good ol’ faithful morning brew! Here’s the deal, next time you feel the urge to double up on that caffeine fix, HALT! Instead, put some of your coffee aside and let it cool. Then grab a cotton round, cut it in half and soak the crescent-shaped cotton in the coffee. Squeeze out the excess and apply the cotton directly onto the under bag area below your eyes. Leave them on for 10-15 mins, remove, rinse with a little water and VOILA! You look 19 again! I’m not one to bullshit, trust me, this works. I’m also not one to brag, but I don’t really suffer from under bags considering how little I sleep. So to really test this trick of the trade I had my mom give it a go, she loved it. I then applied them to my husband’s face, because quite frankly, under bags plague his family, and the man actually looked rejuvenated! We’re sold…now go give it a try!

To Recap, you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup COOLED brewed coffee (preferably organic, as you will be placing it directly onto your skin)
  • 1 cotton round


  • Cut the cotton round in half
  • Soak the halves in the COOLED coffee (I emphasize the temperature of the coffee because you want to make sure you don’t burn the skin below your eyes, it is incredibly sensitive and will scar easily)
  • Squeeze out excess coffee, leaving cotton crescents damp
  • Place cotton directly onto the skin below your eyes
  • Rest for 10 – 15 mins
  • Remove and rinse face with cool water


  • Caffeine helps to reduce swelling and puffiness, it also revitalizes and energizes the skin, leaving it looking more taut.
StubbornTalesDouble Duty Brew: Coffee Remedy for Under Bags

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