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Mini Hubs + Bow and Arrow = Burn Baby Burn

I’m going to jump right into this one:I’m considering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons for the following reasons: So as to avoid child services being called on me while I change my baby’s diaper in public. Let’s just say my child once ended up in the sink of a restaurant butt ass … Read More


Reality Bites – w/ special edit

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For those of you that look forward to these few and far between posts, this might be an unexpected change in tone. Nevertheless, while having a baby comes with it’s fair share of comedic moments, it also comes littered with a heavy dose of real-life can’t-laugh-my-way-out-of-this moments. Those are the … Read More

StubbornTalesReality Bites – w/ special edit

The Inevitable Truth

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We were once a grown-ass couple. We were independent. We drank, a lot. We dined out, a lot. We spent our money at expensive boutiques. We travelled, a lot. But most of all, we slept in ‘til whatever goddamn time we felt necessary. Then we had a baby… Nowadays I … Read More

StubbornTalesThe Inevitable Truth

One of those days…

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Picture a slightly less peaceful scene...

Prior to becoming a mommy, I never quite understood why (a) mommies always look so tired and (b) they utter the phrase “It’s been one of those mornings,” with such exasperation and dread. Well, here’s why… A few days ago I woke up on a glorious morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed … Read More

StubbornTalesOne of those days…

Strollers, and Car Seats, and Swings…OH MY!

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I have always been one of those cynical bastards that mercilessly criticized parents and their over-the-top strollers. I would laugh and snicker as the poor souls stood by their cars tugging and pushing at the contraption every which way. I remember driving by a house in the neighborhood I used … Read More

StubbornTalesStrollers, and Car Seats, and Swings…OH MY!