These are the chronicles of the ultimate realist mom. I have little patience for bs and a knack for sarcasm fueled by a little something I like to call liquid therapy. Ever the independent spirit, I was the girl that swore she would never have children. I lived the quintessential baby-less life; I married a man also set on not having babies, we got a dog and life was great. And then it bit me…the baby bug! Before I knew it my life had gone from cocktails and art soirees to walks in the park and nights filled with pints (of ice cream, that is). Long gone were my high heels and sashimi, instead I was eating blueberry muffins like I was paid to and waddling around in crocs!

I invite you to share in my experiences, but caution you to take my words with a grain of salt. I’m a firm believer that a little cynicism will do a frustrated mommy good. There will be no sugarcoating; there will be a lot of foul language and what may seem like a few too many references to alcohol. But fret not, you will not only find me bitching about mommyhood. I also happen to be an avid cook, wine & culture enthusiast, and wannabe fitness buff (the prior make this the biggest of all my challenges). Check out my recipes and tips for quick go-to dishes, indulgent delights and the occasional “this made my life easier” trick of the trade.

Simply put, THIS is my life! Nothing more than a bunch of stubborn tales, and even though I don’t often admit it, they all lead to many a happy ending…